3 Most Expensive Limited Edition Disney products

When it comes to Limited Edition, Disney has the best characters for deadly fans. Here are the 3 most expensive Limited Edition Disney products.

1. Genie Figurine by Arribas

This figurine has more than three thousand Swarovski® crystals, this limited edition Genie figurine by Arribas has more dazzle than a magic lamp. It's plain to see: you never had a collectible like him! 

Price tag for this figurine is $995 limited to only 500 pieces.

2. Fantasia Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Figurine by Arribas Brothers

This large Sorcerer Mickey figure by Arribas Brothers commands ''fantasmic'' Disney magic. Inspired by Walt Disney's Fantasia, this highly collectible statuette is crafted is set with sparkling Swarovski® crystal stones.

Price tag for this Figurine is $1200 limited to 500 pieces only.

3. Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle Sculpture by Arribas Brothers - Limited Edition

This limited edition Cinderella Castle by Arribas Brothers is truly a royal treasure. Detailed in hand-enameled metal and set with 28,255 Swarovski® crystals, it is a Disney collector's dream come true.

Price tag for this castle is $37.500 limited to only 50 pieces. 

While you can't afford one of these gem pieces, you can check our Limited Edition Wood Phone cases. They are Limited Edition and affordable too! 

Source: Disney


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