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Best Google Pixel 4 cases made with wood

by Akmammet on 0 Comments
Nobody wants fragile items when it comes to technology or tech-accessory. The
time comes we have to throw away gadgets once we purchased them for a fortune just because of their quality. That’s why Limited77 is double caring about the customers’ financial state and provides ultimate products.
Let us introduce you to the best pixel 4 wood phone cases. Our Google Pixel 4a,
Google Pixel 5 wood cases, Pixel 3a wood cases are all amazingly designed for
each taste. Usually, inlay cases are made up of individual wood bones, though they tend to be inherently more fragile than a single piece of wood. As time passes, the pieces of wood can warp, crack or fall out of the case. Not ours. Our wood veneer graphics are bonded together with a special layer, making the veneer layer extremely strong and flexible, ensuring that your wood inlay will remain intact for the life of your phone. Epoxy fills the cracks between pieces of wood where it makes the finished surface completely smooth and feels like one continuous piece of wood.
Because we make each one of our cases’ design fully by hand, we have ultimate control over the details. In order to minimize waste, we "swap" the inlay pieces between each color of wood, which means there is almost no waste. This also allows us exact control over the grain direction, ensuring that the woodgrain is perfectly aligned to be sure your case looks perfect, no matter the design.
The Google Pixel 4 alongside the Google Pixel 4 XL are Google’s latest flagship
phones that show off the best of high-end specs on Android devices. They come
with fancy photography features, improved machine learning, and other AI
wizardry – like you can control the phone by waving your hand over the screen.
For that superb featured phone, a cool wooden case shall be suitable for its safety and outlook.
Hurry up to look up for Kanagawa Great Wave Design, “Engraved USA Flag Design”, “Carved Alien Design”, “Compass Design”, “Astronaut And Diver

Design”, “Famous Tiger Sketch” designed google pixel 4a wood case, pixel 4 xl
wood case, and pixel 4 carved phone cases while they are on sale!
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