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Dream vs Reality in life

by Akmammet on 0 Comments

We all have dreams when we first see places, people, or products. From our side, we expect to own it, use it, show others, praise about quality, and be proud of our bargain. However, in the end, it may not result as we wish so. The product which we saw in the picture of the web site may end up completely different than we looked for.

dream vs reality
Then what makes some products fail?
Despite the efforts made by the marketer, some products fail from the demand of customers. The following causes can be attributed to any or more:
1. Poor quality: Obviously, our first demand is the product’s quality. Once we make sure its design, shape, size, and quality match our tastes, we tend to be loyal to that marketer without hesitation.
2. Higher price: Another reason for the failure of certain products in our eyes is the price factor. Higher production and distribution costs may lead us to think twice next time when we buy or search for alternatives.
3. Poor timing: “Time is an opportunity, don’t waste either one” is our motto. Fast, plus free delivery is the catching point to that market. It is important that any product, to be successful spreading, is introduced in the market and shipped at the correct time. As an example, Limited77’s wooden iPhone 12 pro max case, wood iPhone 11 case, handmade iPhone 11 pro case are delivered in time for free in the USA. Depending on celebrations, they try to raise the number of products to certain designs.
4. Inherent defect: Well, that’s our most fragile side towards any marketers. We prefer exact looking product as we purchased on online stores or social media accounts. If there is any unwanted defect we detect, we might never show up in the seller’s buying list again. Such a product, may not prefer by the buyers even if the defect is rectified later.
5. Lack of promotional measures: We go crazy when we see a sale or glamorous promotions. Popularizing the brand, particularly, in the introduction stage of a product is essential. Such a step from us will ensure repeated buying and bring long-term benefits for the marketer. Failure to do so will prove to be disastrous for the product and cause to extend the shelf life twice.
6. Extent of competition: When we have a wide variety of choices, we simply look for the best. To all factors of a product. A monopolist may not have any difficulty in marketing his product. In the case of a market where there are a large number of sellers for a particular product, we will naturally have many alternatives. Therefore, in such a condition unless the marketer brings out the product to the satisfaction of us, he cannot be successful.
7. Wrong advertising method: While we look for a durable phone case in media for a different occasion, for instance, giving a gift but cannot reach the ones for us as instant as possible, then out of nowhere lots of ads pop up on sites and elsewhere we no longer need; that’s another failure of a product.
Sum up
Dreams can be realized in pre-planned order, not wishing it come true out of blue, right! Let’s consider these factors and make us happy with the same product we put in the cart on the web!

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