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Easter Holiday Gift Ideas

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Christians and many other Americans wake up and celebrate Easter each year on the first Sunday following the full moon after the spring equinox. The wonderful and mysterious roots of the holiday helped shape many of the traditions we know today. Most major holidays have an old connection with the seasons, and Easter is no exception. The spring equinox marks the time of the year when we come out of winter and the days are getting longer and brighter, making it the perfect symbol of hope and rebirth.

As a belief, the name of the "Easter" holiday is related to the Eostre - English goddess. Eostre was worshiped as a goddess of spring and fertility. Just as Eostre was the fertility goddess, the spring season is associated with new life, with the growth and reproduction of both plants and animals. Most historians believe that the rabbit is a symbol of Eostre, as the rabbit is a perfect representation of the season. It is thought that the rabbit gradually turned into the Easter bunny we know today. Eggs were also a clear and specific symbol of the new life and the birth of ancient societies around the world.

As the signs of spring, stuffing baskets with chocolate, bunnies, toys, pastel shades are classic moves that stand the test of time. However, if you're looking for fun Easter gift ideas to help create extra special moments, check out some of our suggestions below.

Imagine the surprised glances when your loved ones find a personalized piece of jewelry embedded inside an Easter egg! The customizable Kendra Scott Reid Necklace allows you to choose the metal chain of your choice and stones such as Purple Jade, Dichroic Glass and Turquoise Magnesite, which give off beautiful, energetic spring vibes.

You can move smart by ordering customized phone case from Limited77 in the theme of Easter and present to your loved ones. No matter wooden carved or compact case, these gifts will be remembered for a long period. Not all Easter treats come in one basket! Tool boxes filled with brand new screwdrivers, and DIY tools work just as well for handy friends. Home Depot is a one-stop shop that offers everything to satisfy all trades. Think portable power tools, socket sets, laser levels, safety glasses and other small hand tools like the digital Wall Scanner, which is an ideal accessory for Mr. Home Improvement.

Created exclusively for Macy's, Martha Stewart lights up dining room tables with the appropriately themed Easter Collection. Choose from tableware, salad plates, cereal bowls, serving pieces and elegantly colored, floral embroidered white cotton napkins. Here's a thought: Mix pieces to create an unexpectedly awesome Easter gift idea for Granny.

Mini board games, and travel-sized versions of childhood classics not only keep kids busy but also stimulate their minds. Target is home to lots of brain training, puzzles and welcome distractions that easily add a fun, sugar-free element to Easter gifts for kids like UNO. Stick to the original version or level up the competition with something new like a double-sided deck that takes the challenge out of UNO!

Tech lovers also care about accessories. On a special day like Easter, you can purchase special wristwatch bands or charger stands for most used gadget - smartphones. Sweet treats are practically a must for Easter holiday, so why not try to make your own Easter bread? This plucked, braided baked product contains dyed eggs, sprinkles, and a sugary glaze. A perfect holiday project made even more special with the help of the Handicraft Bread Baking Set. However you get a recipe booklet, an online cooking lesson, and kid-friendly cooking tools and ingredients like a dough scraper and small apron. The entire kit is packaged in a decorative linen bread bag, making it an easier gift.

If you want to get a little extra, pair your flowers with something sweet and quality like our special Belgian chocolate treats made with quality imported ingredients. The Belgian Sandwich Cookies are much nicer and tastier than almost any chocolate bunny you can find. Dip 12 classic Oreo cookies in Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate with the hands of our craftsmen, and top each one with a contrast chocolate donut.

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