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How do our Phones save our lives?

by Akmammet on 0 Comments

Today, there are more than 5 billion people using mobile phones in the world, and they do more than just talking. People all over the world use cell phones to send and receive money, telecommunicate, and surf all web pages. It can be of protection or assistance during tough moments like:

1. Emergencies
2. Domestic violence
3. Natural disasters
4. Conclusion

Cell phone cases

1. Emergencies

Our phone is one of the most important tools we can use in an emergency. It can save our life starting from different applications to in-services. We consider our phones as the center of our social life and entertainment. But in the wrong situation, you may have a life-saving gadget right next to you. If you are stuck on the side of the road or trapped inside your home, the phone in your hand is a life-saving tool.

A young man has been rescued after an asthma attack in 2019 by a 911 call from an Android phone. Although he unable to communicate with the operator, the location was identified by the call center and the rescue group arrived on time. On the other hand, calls for pizza delivery can help victims of domestic violence alert police.

phone case for delivery guys

2. Domestic violence

The Internet has also a huge role in terms of saving lives. In one of the incidents, two travelers in Amazon have their legs hurt by the unknown thorn of a plant. They used Twitter for an instant reply, with the help of local resident’s answers, they could prevent the spreading of poison on time.

3. Natural disasters

Earthquakes, Tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods can destroy buildings and crucial equipment in a couple of minutes. The damage could last for several days and weeks, causing power grids and cell towers to collapse. There are some tips on whether it's an unexpected event or spare time to prepare.

drop protection phone cases

Instead of making phone calls, sending messages require fewer system resources and have better accessibility. With damage to cell towers and power lines, it is possible to get or lose a phone call amid the tension that will be put on the net when first responders focus on one area. The Google Play and Apple App Store have many options that use your phone's camera flash signal to send an SOS in Morse Code, such as the free Flashlight for iPhone and Bright LED Flashlight for Android.


Yes, phones are vital not only to entertain us but also assist in hard-urgent times. We embrace the technology with all of its ups and downs, caring as our apple of eyes, protect it from droppings and screen scratching. To protect a phone from unwanted accidents, a good durable case is needed. The Limited77 is here to provide with ultimate support by its iPhone, Google Pixel and Samsung design customized wooden and impact cases. You phone deserves to be cared!

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