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How tangible is a cell phone in daily life?

by Akmammet on 0 Comments

Either you splurge on your smartphone and choose an affordable device, the phone is a great investment. This means that you are doing your best to make your smartphone look and work like new. However, there are many ways to unintentionally damage your phone no matter how much time you spend cleaning up old application or updating software. (Dropping your phone in the toilet or breaking the screen on the sidewalk is not the only way to seriously damage your device.)

1. Leaving the phone overtime plugged
2. Letting your phone overheat frequently
3. Liquid danger alert

Leaving the phone overtime plugged

Plugging in and charging your phone all night is not recommendable for the longevity of the device. Charging your phone for an hour or two after a full charge may not really be an issue, as devices may limit battery charging once the battery is done. But once the battery reaches 100%, there is no point in continuing to charge your phone, and prolonged use of the device can cause excessive heat and damage your phone. Another way to damage your phone is placing the device on the pillow or anywhere thick. The smartphone heats up while charging, and it can get even hotter if you don’t put it in cool place, such as floor, to spread the heat. 

Letting your phone overheat frequently

When it comes to heat, you don't necessarily need to plug the device to overheat. Whether you’re reading the news outside or playing a game in balcony, it’s pretty easy for your phone to heat up in direct sunlight. Likely, putting your phone on the table where sun shines may be enough to overheat your phone, in some cases it may even shut itself even though the air conditioner is on. The problem is that overheating can damage the battery. This is never a good thing, especially since many people want the battery to last smartphones longer rather than a short time between charges. 

Liquid danger alert

Most people are aware that any type of liquid or steam is major enemy to technology. Dropping their phone in a sink full of soapy dishes is a situation certainly they want to avoid. However, it is not yet known whether exposure to liquids can cause real damage to the phone, unless a large amount of water is involved. Most smartphones are not designed to stand in the rain, and you must prevent them from splashes in the pool. Even seemingly innocent meetings can damage your phone screen or inner hardware. When you use it in the bathroom with wet hands, the damage you can do to your phone can cause to postpone your response to an urgent SMS message for 20 minutes. If you have not purchased a phone specifically designed for water resistance, it is best to be more secure than sorry and assume that the water should stay away from your phone in all settings.


Taking all these into consideration, our daily used gadget is pretty fragile and moody which needs super protection both, from inside and outside. We give the opportunity to discover great “guards” for your phones from outside. Limited77 company offers customized wooden rubber iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel cases matching to all tastes and expectations. Let your phones be guarded!

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