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How to recycle and reuse a phone case?

by Akmammet on 0 Comments

Available smartphone covers in the market today are made up of a variety of materials. In production, each material has its advantages and disadvantages - be it plastic, silicon, leather, or metal.

There are different options in choosing a good phone cover. When you buy a smartphone cover, you first think how it looks like, whether it is eco-friendly as well as its security, sustainability, ease of use, and some other additional features of your phone.

Is It Possible to Recycle Smartphone Covers?

We have never been able to know which is the most environmentally friendly phone case to protect our regularly used technology. What makes the best phone case? Not only it should look good with high protection, but it also has to make a minimal negative impact on the Earth. Nowadays there are a variety of phone cases made of laser-carved bamboo, recycled skateboards, and recycled ocean plastic, as well as other durable materials. 

There is also a wider range of biodegradable phone cases, most of which can be compost in residential compost systems. There cannot be a better time to permanently ditch plastic and synthetic leather.

Most of the mobile covers people use cannot be recycled. The most widely used material in the manufacture of smartphone covers is plastic, which is often not recyclable.

Silicone and carbon fiber are difficult to recycle, so many of these cell phone covers, which are no longer used, go to waste and eventually go to the landfill. Of course, this contributes to an increase in pollution. However, you can reuse the old ones in a creative way!

  1. Because of the hole for the camera, an old smartphone case can be the perfect tray for a bar of soap or a sponge. It’s comfortable, cheap, and drains right into the sink!
  2. Packing a cell phone case in your travel luggage can be the perfect ring tray in your hotel room. 
  3. Travelers can also use an old phone case as a makeshift luggage tag which creates an extraordinary look and never make it lose the owner!
  4. Making a notepad by placing sticky notes on the inside of the case and attaching it to a wall with a pen can be a superb reminder.

Wood is widely used in manufacturing smartphone mobile covers that you can find in many online stores in all states of the US. Particularly, bamboo is used in the manufacturing of these cases, as it is considered as a material that is recycled easily.

If you wish for a custom smartphone cover with a custom design on its back, wood can be the best candidate. There are many sellers online who specialize in making custom mobile cases on pre-orders just like Limited77. You can even get your own name (or anyone else’s) carved on the back of your mobile phone cover if it is made up of wood.

Limited77 produces Earth-friendly cases made from cherry wood and bamboo that range of cell phones, including the Samsung, Google Pixel, and iPhone. Limited77’s cases are made from a blend of organic materials that are woven together with cherry wood to create a strong case that is resistant to warping from heat and moisture.

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