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Limited77 team cares for their customers

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Customer Service

Being customer-focused is more than just offering a satisfying product or building a contact center. It becomes a cultural lifestyle for the company and affects everything from employee engagement to customer experience. Customer-focused companies live and breathe with their customers and focus on providing great experiences. They are innovative and make the world better place. Our Limited77 is certainly one of them!

On a global basis, these days we are witnessing high product availability, increased choice of options and more competitive prices. Business competition has turned into a challenge to create, and maintain exceptional customer experiences. Companies that stand out from the rest recognize the importance of excellent customer service to keep customers feeling positive and happy about their experience with the brand.

Today's consumer demands are much more complicated than they used to be. 72% now expect a customer service representative to know their basic contact details, service history, and product information as soon as they contact support.

As the team of Limited77, we have special principles in working with customers. Our motto is: "Knowing our customer is the key to business success". Without relevant knowledge, we wouldn't have the information needed to make good decisions about pricing, marketing, and nearly every aspect of running our business. As the market, social media accounts and many other sources allow us to connect with our potential customers on a personal level. For us, true customer service means that we do everything to know customer expectations.

Excellent Customer Service

By putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we tend to see the situation from different perspective, understand how a customer feels at each particular stage of their journey, and provide tailored solutions. Closely related to the concept of empathy, this skill enables us to better communicate with customers and handle the emotional side of customer interactions.

Usually companies that focus solely on attracting new customers may run into trouble. Regular customers admit that they are disappointed and ostracized when they observe businesses screaming heavy discounts and attractive offers only to attract new customers. Buying growth through discounts and promotions, not caring too much about the long-term relationship, and rewarding customer loyalty can actually do more harm and we make we avoid such cases when we build with each customer relations.

Without mentioning, our customers are our most important assets and deserve to have the best service and experience we provide. However, what sometimes goes unnoticed is that the same goes for people in our organization, often referred to as "internal" customers. And there is a reason for this. In fact, our company's employees are also equally important resource. Our approach to customers clearly reflects how they are treated. Companies that treat their employees like gold, make them feel valued and important enjoy better employee performance and higher customer satisfaction rates.

We believe that whether it’s good news or bad, our customers deserve timely, open and honest communication. It is critical to keep them informed about our company innovations and events to justify their trust and gain more credibility.

Customer Service quote

The truth is that there is a lot of follow-up communication that is left largely unopened and unread, such as automated replies, and special offers. Nevertheless, we think it is absolutely imperative to proactively notify our customers about product recalls, involving security issues or product defects, as well as changes in pricing and other important terms. That’s how we gain trust and loyalty from our dear customers!

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