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Places that an iPhone charging dock can be used

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Your phone needs to rest somewhere that isn't the bottom of your pocket or your purse. That's one of the reasons for the popularity of a phone charging station. A phone charging station, like the name, indicates helps you in charging your phone while you use it hands-free. A phone charging station isn't for regular android phones, you can also get sleek and elegant iPhone charging station if you are an iPhone user. The point is, a charging station is extremely reliable, especially for hands-free use while you're charging your device.

An iPhone stand is a small object that props up your device. They are designed for use on hard surfaces like tables or desks. With an iPhone stand, you can continue using your phone without risking it getting dirty or damaged. Rather than a customized iPhone Stand, you can make use of a wooden charging dock for the same purpose. You might think that a Timber iPhone Charging Dock is useful only while you are on a chair with a table nearby, meaning, your dining table or even your study. But in reality, timber iPhone charging docks are designed to be used on almost any surface. Here are a few places that an iPhone charging dock can be used at:

  • While multi-tasking: If you are a professional working from home or a student tackling a huge workload, an iPhone Charging Dock is perfect for your precious iPhone 12. That way, you can check something on your phone, or go on a live call while working on your project at the same time.
  • In the bathroom: We don't recommend it, but it is common knowledge that a lot of people need something else to do while in the bathroom. A timber iPhone station can be customized to fit on your bathroom wall so that you can use your phone while in the bathroom.
  • While driving: Unlike the bathroom, using your Timber iPhone Charging Dock while driving makes sense. This is especially when you are driving past an unfamiliar route and need your GPS to guide you. You can also use it to play your Spotify playlist if you get bored with the radio.
  • In the bedroom: You can continue watching your videos by connecting your timber charging dock to your headboard or a side table. It's a perfect solution if you're too bored with the TV or if you want to listen to a podcast while getting ready to sleep.
  • In the kitchen: You can scrub your pots and pans while watching a video or even follow the recipe without damaging your iPhone. All you need to do is ensure that you have a Timber iPhone Charging Dock in your kitchen.
  • While shopping: It's not just at home that you need a wooden iPhone charging station. You do need to be hands-free while pushing a shopping cart around a store. With a wooden iPhone Charging Dock on the handle, you can check your shopping list without bumping into someone else.
  • While pursuing a hobby: A wooden iPhone Charging Dock can also be useful when you are out pursuing a hobby like a golf. It can also be useful when you are completing chores like mowing the lawn. It can also come in handy while you're having a barbeque with your dear and near or simply while lounging in your backyard.

You don't need to worry about setting your iPhone on the ground or constantly wonder if it is going to fall out of your pocket. A timber charging dock with a holder is extremely beneficial for you in a number of scenarios, as mentioned above. With a good timber iPhone charging dock, you can become far more organized while giving your hands a break. It is quite beneficial for your phone and its safety as well as its cleanliness. If you are still sceptical about its usefulness, then here are a few advantages to using a timber iPhone Charging Station:

  • It's Comfortable: Let's be real. It can get quite exhausting to constantly hold up your phone while you watch a video you like or read a compelling article. Your iPhone might look good, but even you would get tired of holding it up with the worry that it could fall at any moment. Your arms and neck won't be burdened too much either.
  • Its safer: As mentioned earlier, using a stand or a holder is quite important. This is especially the case if you are driving. A wooden charging dock is a safe option because you can look at your phone for GPS or urgent calls without compromising on your safety.
  • It helps your productivity: Constantly looking at your phone while at work or class isn't healthy. It can cause you to lose your productivity. A wooden iPhone charging dock keeps your phone out sight and helps you in focusing on the task you needed to complete.
  • It helps in cleanliness: We all have a terrible habit of placing our phones just about anywhere. If you have a spot, especially for your phone, you can be saved from unnecessary clutter. You are also most likely to be less in danger of losing it under your notes or laptop.
  • It is durable: One of the key advantages of having a wooden phone case is that it is durable. Unlike plastic or other materials, wood lasts long, so your timber iPhone charging station is sure to have a long term partner. Most wooden charging docks come with a strong and shock-resistant protection. So it is certain to last longer than regular phone docks.
  • Get spoiled for choice: Unlike plastic and other materials, you have plenty to choose from in a wooden phone dock. You can choose from a number of different wood options that look good for your iPhone. If you want a darker wooden iPhone case, you can always opt for zebra wood, walnut or even rosewood. If you prefer lighter ones, then you can always go for bamboo or even cherry.
  • It is affordable: We told you that a wooden iPhone Charging Station is affordable. With a wooden iPhone case, you don't need to spend too much on a case made of colored plastic. Wooden phone cases are quite reasonably priced. They are also equally elegant and good-looking as a plastic case. In fact, for a number of people, wooden cases look far better than plastic ones.
  • It gets much better with age: Unlike plastic, the more you use it, the better the wood starts to look. Just like any other wooden furniture you may own, a wooden phone case looks better as time passes ,making it clear that it is in fact durable.
  • They are damage-free and easier to handle: Wooden phone cases are slimmer and are far more lighter. They also provide you with better protection which you need for your phone's everyday use. Wooden phone cases are durable and have the ability to withstand the impact of a typical drop or slide across the ground. Wooden cases offer you far better protection than any other case.

While plastic cases are far more popular and more in demand, wooden phone cases are better in terms of looks. They are also far more durable and lasts longer than you would have anticipated. In addition to this, they are as easy to use as a regular plastic charging station. That's one of the major reasons that wooden charging stations have such a popularity today.

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