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The Best iPhone Cases Of 2021 to Protect Your Mobile!

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The Best iPhone Cases Of 2021 to Protect Your Mobile!

iPhones belong to the top-notch category in the mobile segment. Designed to exude a sleek body and strong performance, iPhones are hailed across the world by millions of iPhone users. Primarily, the body of the iPhone is made up of an anodized form of mixed aluminum and steel. In scenarios of phone drop and accidental falls, the device can suffer damages, impacting usage or performance. Sometimes, these accidents can result in permanent damage. Thus, to protect the device and to lengthen phone performance, purchasing iPhone cases is a viable option.

iPhone models and recent launches

Among the newest launches, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11, iPhone XR are model in continuous demand. The iPhone 12 weighs 164 gms, a 6.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1170/2532, and an A14 Bionic CPU. It is one of the newest models in the market from Apple, boasting a dual 12 MP camera in the rear and a 12-inch camera in front. The iPhone 12 model is 5G enabled and has an OLED color display. Priced at a hefty price tag, iPhones can be highly vulnerable to falls and damage.

Meanwhile, other iPhone models from Apple like the iPhone 12 mini offers iOS 14, comes with a screen size of 5.4 inches. It has a resolution of 1080/2340, a 12 MP dual rear camera and a 12 MP front camera. While iPhone models like iPhone 7 and 8 are still in demand by users across the world.

Other iPhone models

Models such as the iPhone Mini cater to customers looking for a smaller version of the iPhone 12. Apple has applied significant identical technology to develop the Mini model. Similar technology goes with iPhone 12 Pro max, which is a notch higher in terms of CPU, memory, resolution, display, and features. The body of the Apple iPhone is made up of anodized aluminum and stainless steel with ionized glass in the front. Taking care of expensive devices like the iPhone can be challenging without proper protective cases. Severe damages can result in repairing expense or a new purchase altogether.

Need for phone protection

Smartphones are multi-tasking devices made of aluminum, plastic, or anodized bodies. The materials are customized to ensure maximum protection, although, damages can leave the device in bad shape, leading to replacement of parts or permanent withdrawals. In comparison, iPhones are durable and strong devices that can survive minor falls and damages with ease. However, major accidents or strong blows can lead to permanent damage to the device.

As per phone experts regarding problems in smartphone devices, accidental falls and moisture are leading causes of phone problems. To curtail such incidents and help your phone survive the tests of time, getting a suitable phone case is a perfect option to go with. The protection ensured by a phone case is incomparable. While no matter how strong the device body is, the phone cases ensure zero damage. Rather than risking a high-priced phone, it is always wise to go for appropriate protection.

Types of iPhone cases

The mobile phone case market is flooded with different designs, colors, and materials for all kinds of smartphones. An Apple iPhone is a prized possession for many. Hence, people like to opt for cases that accentuate the looks of their favorite device. Also, Apple iPhone cases should be in tandem with the worth of the device.

Whether it is an iPhone Pro max case or iPhone 11 case, cases primarily come in wallet book, grip, tuxedo, and flip forms. Brand-specific iPhone cases are also a popular option among users. The type of material for mobile cases varies from aluminum, rubber, plastic to wood. Wooden iPhone cases in USA are highly in demand. The need and suitability of the case type depend on user preference. The best among these options are flip cases and hard-bodied grip phone cases. These types of Apple iPhone cases help protect the device and don’t interrupt phone performance in any way.

Best iPhone cases in 2020 for protection

From fancy to buoyant and super protective to look enhancing, iPhone cases are available in all forms. The right kind of iPhone case depends on what the user is comfortable holding and using. Though, rather than going for flashier ones, selecting a strong and sophisticated iPhone 12 pro case will be apt.

Suggested below is a list of top-rated iPhone cases for protection. Whether it is iPhone 8, 11, 12, or iPhone 12 Pro max, these phone cases will fit user demand and budget easily.

  1. Spigen ultra hybrid: This is a value for money case for iPhone 12. Users can find similar cases for other iPhone models too. Spigen has transparent cases that are reasonably priced and offer best protection against scratches, water spills, and minor damages. Users can choose from attractive back covers.
  2. Otterbox symmetry series: Varied color options, slim design, and attractive patterns make Otterbox symmetry protective iPhone cases a convenient option for users. Slightly high in prices, there is an added grip in the edges for a good hold of the device.
  3. Clckr cases: Absolutely useful and serving the right purpose, Clckr cases come with a built-in stand for ease of usage. The cases have raised edges and a stand at the back that can flap open to help your iPhone stand on its feet, literally. Priced reasonably, Clckr cases also offer antimicrobial protection, aside from protecting your iPhone device. This case is also offered in wooden iPhone stand. The availability should be checked beforehand.
  4. Speck cases: The Speck cases are available in more than one range. These cases ensure very good drop protection and are attractive in looks too. The grip in these cases is praiseworthy and from transparent to opaque, Speck makes cases suiting the preference of all buyers.

Other phone cases:

  1. Limited77 wood cases: Looking for the best wood iPhone SE 2020 case? Then put your hands on the Limited77 wood cases. Unique in design and material, these handmade cases can protect the iPhone from a drop of 6 feet. Equipped with a wooden charging dock, the price of this best wood iPhone case is reasonable as well.
  2. Rokform cases: If someone is looking for super-protective and hardcore stuff, then go for Rokform cases for your iPhone model. These cases can be used with or without a stand and can be mounted on bicycles or motorbikes. The price is also thinkable and pocket-friendly. Rokform easily offers the best iPhone 12 cases.
  3. Smartish cases: The user can easily find these cases anywhere. Smartish cases are simple and affordable cases for iPhone models. They come with attractive patterns and are created with superior quality material, the Smartish cases can also hold the cards.
  4. Catalyst vibe cases: Spill or waterproof iPhone cases, Catalyst vibe are hardcore protective iPhone cases in the segment. Immaculately carved, there are gaps that allow you to attach various smartphone accessories. These cases can make your iPhone survive a 10-foot fall brilliantly.
  5. Nimble disc cases: Transparent cases with disc-type appearance, Nimble disc cases have the ability to enhance the look of your iPhone device. The cases are scratch resistant and antimicrobial. These cases provide 6-foot drop protection.
  6. Razer Artech pro cases: Inspired by gaming, Razer Artech pro cases sport a tough look. They are based on a substance called thermaphene that allows the device heat to push through quickly. It helps in keeping the iPhone device stay cool.

iPhone case with strength, compatibility, grip, and reasonable price is all that matters while purchasing a case. Check the level of protection given by the case. Be vigilant while choosing the material as well, since the durability will depend on it. Check for best wood iphone case wholesale to suit your budget or timber iPhone charger.

Buying an iPhone can be a special experience for people. As much as purchasing the device gives an ecstatic feeling, buying a suitable iPhone case should not be undermined.

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