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The best wooden wireless charger

by Akmammet on 0 Comments

One of the main features of the modern cell phones is the ability to charge the battery wirelessly, but some options on the market are pretty expensive. Limited77 is compiling better price options in the market that can be purchased. If you are one of the lucky people to get a modern cell phone right after launch, or if you've already acquired yourself a current iPhone, Samsung or a Google Pixel you may have considered using the wireless charging feature. Limited77 has compiled a list of low-cost wireless charging bases, which can be used to cheaply trial the technology, or can allow you to buy multiple chargers to place around your home and office.

It is worth not forgetting that wireless charging is not the most optimal way to power your cell phone, as it currently maxes out at 5W, and a future software update will bring it up to 7.5W. For comparison, charging via a wired connection may take half as long to finish in a faster and more accurate way than wireless. Although charging is not as fast as a cable connection, wireless charging is still an attractive option due to not needing to connect the cable, as only placing your cell phone on the pad it will start charging automatically. In addition, the time it takes to charge is not a big deal in some situations, such as on a bedside table during the night, making the quick and easy to use more attractive than conventional charging.

Limited77 company presents Magsafe Wood Magnetic Wireless Charger which does wireless charging in a very short time. The perfectly tuned magnets are embedded in the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro and charge wirelessly up to 15W faster. The MagSafe Wood Charger is compatible with Qi charging offering in reasonable price $24.77, so you can use your iPhone to charge wirelessly without any worry.

The Wofalodata Fast Wireless Charger is a solid Qi-compatible panel that offers 5W standard charging and up to 10W fast charging. This charger also doubles as a stand with an extra plastic shelf that holds the iPhone to the plate when upright, although it will apparently only charge smartphones like the iPhone X when used in this configuration. Supplied with a 2ft micro USB cable for power, Amazon sells this charger for $ 15.99.

If you want something that is not immediately recognizable as a wireless charging station, consider a YUMUM Wood Wireless Charger. It is surrounded by a high-end Qi charger, the only key to its true nature, the above-mentioned wireless charging symbol, and the micro-USB connection on the side for power, as well as the fast charging and internal protection mechanisms to avoid the problem of overheating, overheating and surges. Charger, which comes with a Micro-USB cable and recommends using a 2A adapter, is $ 13.79 on Amazon.

Looking for a cheap and simple charger? The Monoprice Wireless Charger fits the Qi and looks like a pure white, 3.3 inches in diameter, 0.4 inches thick and 1.8 ounces thin. It only emits 5V DC 1A power, which does not offer any fast charging, but when the device is charged, the blue includes a full "breathable" indicator light, turning red when fully charged. Although it can't charge fast, the price drops below $ 9.99, down to $ 9.74 each, making it a good candidate for those who want to buy multiple wireless chargers.

For those who want a standard charger but want it without plastic or silicone, the Yolike Fast Wireless Charging Stand is a good argument. The stand, decorated with minimalist wood grain, has two rolls and up to 10W output for horizontal and vertical iPhone placement, so it supports the upgrade of the upcoming 7.5W software for the iPhone X and iPhone 8. Any Qi-powered device and the newest iPhone-compatible Yolike fast wireless charging stand are 17.99 on Amazon.

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