adidas Football Launches Innovative NEMEZIZ 19

adidas Football is launching the highly-anticipated NEMEZIZ 19, designed for the world’s most agile and creative footballers. The shoe is meticulously crafted together with the latest innovations in mind, offering players 360-degree agility.

The laceless Nemeziz 19 silhouette is developed for players who constantly beat the opposition with spectacular flair, footwork and movement. The adidas’ TENSION TAPE showcases a new tactile weave structure and synthesis, providing an unparalleled fit. The versatile tape presents players with maximum agility and acceleration for faster multi-directional movement on the pitch.

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The V-shaped tape collar allows an easier and comfortable fit while providing a perfect wrap around the ankle going against movement limitation. The integrated TORSION SYSTEM technology, engineered for extreme torsional movements, keeps players centred and balanced. The boot is now available in-store and online.


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