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Best cell phone cases for drop protection

by Akmammet on 0 Comments

The cheapest smartphone cases can have a minimal impact on your device, towards dirt, liquids and scratches. But for more extreme conditions - accidentally dropping your phone onto marble or water - you will have to pay the circumstances much more to restrain your device. There are some features you should pay attention selecting the best cell phone case for drop protection:

 - Several layers of protection: An important feature of the best iPhone cases 2020 is the presence of several layers of protection. This is the best way to ensure that your iPhone is safe and secure under any and all conditions.

 - Waterproof: Waterproof technology is one of the most important features to look for the best protective case for iPhone 11. Whether or not your iPhone is waterproof, a waterproof iPhone case can help protect your phone from all kinds of water damage.

 - Guarantees: One of the essential features is warranty. Although the guarantee is good for a year or ten years, it is better to purchase without it. If there is a warranty on the best protective iPhone cases, it means that the manufacturer is confident in its product and will keep your phone safe in the long run.

Medium weight: Although from outside best phone cases brands may look very heavy, as in tech era visual can disappoint you sometimes. You can get the same benefits without having to worry about carrying a big case that weighs you or your pocket down.

Raised frames: A great feature for all best type of phone case for protection is a raised bezel. This allows you to keep your screen free from scratches and cracks, no matter where or how you put it.

Matte cover: Another great feature of the best protective case for iPhone 11 pro is matte finish. While this may seem only cosmetically preferable, matte finish makes it more resistant to scratches that allow it to still look new over the time.

Our smartphones are always with us no matter what the situation or destination is, they are usually in the red line. Every day they are struggling with scratches and scrapes, falling to the ground, rainy asphalt, and for us, the soul graving stressful moment after dropping it into the toilet.

Replacing a new iPhone model can easily cost over $1000, and even a simple screen change can cost hundreds of bucks. Beyond the expense, our phones store some of our most memorable moments, vital documents and interchangeable memories that we really don't want to lose. At Limited77, we offer wide range of wooden and plastic phone cases against all those extra expenses to be wasted, including the best iPhone 8 cases for protection. We heartedly welcome you in our online store to select custom phone case for drop protection and we assure with warranty of its effect and durability!

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