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Best Google Pixel phone cases

by Akmammet on 0 Comments

When you're spending hundreds of bucks on a Google Pixel phone, the last thing you would need is to spend hundreds more on repairs when it gets a serious scratch. Either you're tough on your electronics or just want to protect your investment, Limited77 is the rightest place to fetch Google Pixel 3,4,5 wood cases. Limited77 is one of the most trusted names in wooden phone cases with a 12-month warranty. 

What happens to your Google Pixel case once you no longer need it? While we love the style and protection smartphone cases bring to our delicate Google Pixel phones, the sad truth is that these plastic and silicone cases often end up being rubbish when we no longer need them. If you’re looking to protect the planet, it’s time to consider switching over to a sustainable one. They, unlike their predecessors, are made of recycled or organic material and completely break down within months, leaving no pollution behind. They snugly protect your phone just as a traditional case would, but without the plastic.

In the past years, a large range of sustainable phone cases have come onto the market, but how can you know which are best—and which are genuinely eco-friendly? We’ve rated the best sustainable phone cases that are biodegradable, stylish, durable as well as ergonomic. Choose the one that gives you plenty of choices for a product that will look after both your phone and the planet.

The Google Pixel is known for its innovative design, so it is logical to pair it with an equally creative phone case. The Wooden Kanagawa Great Wave design Google Pixel case, from Limited77, is made from laser-cut inlays, and a flexible rubber shell. In keeping with the ocean theme, the case is also designed with a beautiful raised wave pattern on the reverse. It looks stylish, but it also makes the case comfortable to hold.

If you are either a proud owner or a humble one, you have the same job: to protect your delicate handset from bumps, and drops. If your current case stands on its last edge or you’ve just received or purchased a refurbished Google Pixel, we’ve rounded up the best stylish and durable Google Pixel cases to choose from google pixel 3 wood case, pixel 4 wood phone case, google pixel 5 cases, google pixel 3a wood case, pixel 4 xl wood case or google pixel 4a wood case.

California Republic Design case is slim and fits snugly onto your Pixel, keeping it safe, thanks to a drop-proof rating of up to two meters.

Combining modern and traditional craftsmanship, each piece of wood for Google Pixel 5 wood case, Google Pixel 4a 5G wood case, Pixel 3a. xl wood case, wood Pixel 4 cases, and Pixel 4 carved case are laser cut, before being hand-sanded as in our father’s time; to create a super smooth exterior.

The perfect fusion of google pixel 5 case protection and style, the Wooden Engraved USA Flag Design not only protects your technology but enhances.
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