Royal Collection releases 100 limited edition 'Royal baby bears' costing £125 ahead of Meghan and Harry's arrival - and each one has its own 'individual personality'

  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child any day now 
  • Royal Collection has released a Royal Baby Bear to mark the special occasion
  • Handmade bears crafted by Shropshire-based teddy bear makers Merrythought
  • Features a hand-embroidered nose and smile and a 'luxurious satin gold ribbon'
  • Reported that Harry and Meghan have already received over 100 teddy bears 

As the countdown for the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's baby continues, the Royal Collection has now released a 'Royal Baby Bear' to mark the historic occasion.

Harry and Meghan's first born - a great-grandchild of the Queen - is expected to put in an appearance in the coming days.

The new limited edition, handmade cream bears, which cost £125 each, were produced especially by Shropshire-based teddy bear manufacturers Merrythought.

Only 100 of the 19cm tall toys - made using alpaca fleece and pure silk - are available to buy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child any day now

The Royal Collection partnered up with Shropshire-based teddy bear makers Merrythought to release 100 limited edition Royal baby bears (pictured)

The bear, which has a stylish satin cream bow around its neck, has an embroidered golden crown and 2019 imprinted on one of its feet.

Mother's day special gift, wooden cases

According to the Royal Collection shop website, they feature a 'hand-embroidered nose and smile', while each bear has 'a truly individual personality'. 


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